There are countries throughout the world where people do not have easy access to a hospital. Where health and healing can often feel out of reach. Where parents watch children struggle with diseases or challenges they may not even understand. Fortunately, there are also organizations such as Mobility Outreach International where they work hard to ensure that individuals and families throughout the world have access to the mobility that they need. Loss of limbs and deformity are rampant throughout the world, and the 2019 Steps to Healing Auction and Gala has been hosted by Mobility Outreach International for the last 30 years to raise funds for this worthy cause. This year’s gala will be held at the Meydenbauer Center in Bellevue, Washington on Saturday, February 23, 2019.

Providing Sustainable Healing

Providing aid to a region isn’t a one-time solution, as ongoing and sustainable healing is needed to help provide physical rehabilitation, orthopedic surgical outreach and prosthetic and orthotic services. With more than 2,700 staff trained to date, Mobility Outreach International (MOI) continues to support mobility in regions as diverse as Haiti, Sierra Leone, and Vietnam.

Efficient, Effective Programs

In 2019 and beyond, Mobility Outreach International will be piloting limb-repair stations throughout Haiti and Sierra Leone in an effort to provide efficient ways of producing comfortable and durable limbs in-country. Creating this manufacturing ability will help bring the gift of mobility to a broader section of the communities that they serve. MOI will also introduce text messaging to more efficiently communicate with volunteers and those in need.

At Mobility Outreach International, we are continually looking for ways to create a brighter and more mobile future for individual in at-risk locations across the world. The comprehensive corrective treatment programs are mainly supported through the generosity of volunteers and the funds raised in the Annual Auction and Gala. Register for the February 23, 2019 event today online or learn more by calling 206-726-1636 or via email to