In 1989, Mobility Outreach International was founded with the purpose of restoring and enhancing mobility for children and adults in under-resourced areas of the world. Along with a group of outstanding partners, we have served individuals in Bangladesh, Vietnam, Haiti, Sierre Leone and Senegal. We provide individuals with medical treatment and ongoing care. We also strengthen communities and nations by providing bolstered medical infrastructure, sustainable treatment resources and ongoing technical training.

Mobility Outreach International Programs

Prostheses and Orthoses

We provide artificial limbs for individuals who have lost a limb or were born with a deformity.


Our clubfoot treatment program provides physical therapy and additional treatment modalities to correct this common birth defect in infants before it becomes a permanent disability.


We provide corrective surgeries to patients whose conditions cannot be effectively treated with less invasive physical therapy, orthoses and/or prostheses.

Mobility Repair Center

In each of our service locations, we strive to acquire a location, equipment and training to local manufacturers to provide sustainable repair for medical devices, such as prostheses and orthoses.

Online Resources and Training Hub

Our online resources improve communication and facilitates ongoing training in our service areas.

Your Support Has Helped Thousands

Our programs and partnerships have already served over 30,000 children and adults directly and have reached the lives of over 100,000 indirectly. When you choose to support Mobility Outreach International by attending a fundraiser, becoming a sponsor or by hosting an event, you help us restore mobility and build sustainable healthcare for even more beneficiaries. Your support provides funding for all of our programs, technical training, surgical supplies, mobility repair centers, orthotics, prosthetics and treatment. Your support enables us to strengthen individuals, families, communities and even nations. Make a pledge to restore mobility today.