Mobility Outreach International (MOI) and our Senegal partner organization DAHW organized and funded, a Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis (KAFO) training course at Thies Hospital Orthopedic Rehabilitation Center. Mr. Birame Feye a German trained Prosthetist /Orthotist (P&O) was the trainer for this 4-day course held from July 9-12, 2019. Seven P&O technicians participated in the training which included topics of casting of patient, modification of plaster mold, plastic molding alignment of metal joints and attaching retaining straps.

Two Patients that Volunteered for Training

One of the two patients that volunteered for the training was Mr. Ousseynou Diamé, a 31-year-old polio patient with a severe deformity of his left leg. Mr. Diamé, is married with two children, he is currently training to be an orthopedic shoemaker, he hopes to gain full-time employment within the next year. Mr. Diamé parents had paid for his previous braces during childhood, but due to unemployment he has been using a cane and old device for the last four years. He is most appreciative of this opportunity to volunteer and received a new quality KAFO brace. Mr. Diamé, informs us “With a new brace I carry out the essential movements between the working bench and the machines as well as my hands have decent mobility”.

The outcome of the KAFO training is improved techniques for the technicians and higher quality devices for the disabled patients that come to Thies Hospital Rehabilitation Center for their treatment.

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