Along a dusty and steep hillside, where land is cheap, the power of the human spirit is visible. Telfort Cricétil suffered a severe compound fracture from an automobile accident in recent years and as a result of the poor medical treatment he received, he became a trans-tibial (below knee) amputee. To have a better life, he chose amputation and a prosthesis from MOi, so that he could walk once again.

A Strong and Self-reliant Man

Telford has always been a strong and self-reliant man. He was a subsistence farmer for most of his adult life but now has slowed down due to his mobility challenges. Now at age 65, he has had to cut back on expenses and needed a plot of low cost land upon which to build a small house. He found a spot and it was cheap since it was located on a very steep hillside. By carving out the grade, he built a tiny flat foundation and constructed a simple home.

Driven to Overcome His Challenges

For most people, the daily walk along this steep pathway to and from the nearest town center would be considered challenging to navigate for even able-bodied people. However Telford is not most people and he was driven to overcome his challenges. Despite the arduous 45-minute trek down the steep hill to Justinian University Hospital in Cap Haitien, where MOi operates its program in the fabrication of mobility devices, Telford makes the trek there and back daily to volunteer. His task is to test “Made in Haiti” mobility device technology such as prosthetic feet.

Sourced from Locally Available Materials

Our Technician named Serge has been testing a new “Made in Haiti” feet sourced from locally available materials. In this case its made from a leaf spring (3/8 inch thick) Delrin plastic. Using this prototype daily for months now, Telford calls this foot his “tough foot” and expresses his gratitude to MOi for helping him regain his ability to walk and work again. At the end of the day, he returns to his house along incredibly steep (and sometimes muddy) terrain which requires all his concentration and balance so that he doesn’t slip or fall along the way.

The Power of the Human Spirit When Given Access to Hope

Telford represents the power of the human spirit when given access to hope. He embodies what MOi is all about for amputees in Northern Haiti, who need access to reliable prosthetic and orthotic services and sustainable, low cost care to regain their mobility and independence. Without people like Telford and the generous donors LIKE YOU who make this work possible, MOi could not advance new technologies and allow these services to proliferate throughout Northern Haiti. Telford says he volunteers to give back to the organization that gave him back his mobility and freedom.

Thank You for Helping People Live Fuller Lives

Won’t you join us in these efforts and become a sustaining donor as a member of the Step-Up Partners, our monthly giving program? You have the power to make an incredible difference with your support today! Your gift of $35 dollars a month over a year can provide a new patient with a mobility device like the one Telford received. Your gift will give one person independence! Please donate today to help others!