Mobility Outreach International’s programs deploy expertise in prosthetics, orthotics and clubfoot treatment to offer advocacy, training, rehabilitation services and occasional orthopedic surgery. Currently, Mobility Outreach International operates in Vietnam, Senegal, and Haiti.

Mobility Outreach International helps build and strengthen communities by using in-country expertise and materials to bring mobility to those with the fewest resources. This innovative strategy allows local health care professionals to better address their patients’ needs in a sustainable and accessible manner.


We have partnered with the Justinian Hospital to provide clubfoot treatment and orthopedic rehabilitation services to an estimated 5,000 disabled individuals in northern Haiti.

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We officially launched a prosthetic & orthotic program in Senegal to be delivered in partnership with on-the-ground experts from the German Leprosy and Tuberculosis organization called DAHW Senegal.

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Since 1989, we have strengthened Vietnam’s public health system by implementing a sustainable and accessible clubfoot treatment program nationwide.

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Our approach to change builds on our historically-proven practices through investment in:


A commitment to Local Ownership

Local health-care workers are better able to address their patients and communities’ needs when they provide physical rehabilitative care themselves. By establishing and assessing in-country expertise, we will develop exit strategies for programs that reach an appropriate maturity level and support from local government. This ensures that critical programs are sustainable and will continue without reliance on foreign aid.


An investment in Geographic Expansion, Education & Outreach

Investing in expansion, education and outreach increases our global organizational impact, bringing expertise and services to those in the greatest need. New technology such as SMS texting will enable us to better educate the population about rehabilitation services offered in their communities.


A continued commitment to Efficient, Effective Programs

We will pilot a process for limb-repair stations in Haiti that will lead to a solution for both the manufacture and repair of functional limbs into the future. By increasing the in-country production of durable and comfortable, locally made prosthetic knees, feet and more, we will bring the gift of mobility to more people in need.