Clubfoot Program

Clubfoot is a debilitating limb deformity that robs children of their ability to walk normally as one or both feet gradually turn inward and sometimes even backward, resulting in severe lifelong disability, discrimination and often deep poverty. Eighty percent of babies born with clubfoot each year live in low and middle income countries and do not have access to clubfoot screening and treatment programs.

Program Summary

In 2011, MOi proudly launched a national clubfoot treatment program in Vietnam in partnership with the Vietnam Ministry of Health. Currently, MOi has clubfoot treatment services in Vietnam, Haiti, and Sierra Leone.

CLUB FOOT PATIENT MOHAMED BANGURA (right foot) Patient number 12 of the year. He was found locally in Kambia living near the Scarcies River bridge near the Guinea border. Mother from Guinea, Father from Sierra Leone. Photo By Debra Bell

Our Approach 

  • Train local medical practitioners in developing countries to use the Ponseti Method
  • Raise awareness of clubfoot deformity and establish referral pathways
  • Facilitate brace production
  • Sensitize the community about clubfoot as a treatable condition