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Physical Disabilities

The Mobility Outreach International (MOi) team works hard to provide corrective treatment services to children and adults in under-resourced regions across the globe. Working with a group of worldwide partners, MOi has provided treatment to over 30,000 physically handicapped individuals. Whether the individual suffers from the side effects and challenges of living with a lost limb or a physical deformity, such as clubfoot, MOi provides ongoing treatment and care to ease pain and discomfort and to restore mobility. Our regional services provide everything from orthopedic surgery and physical therapy to prosthetic limbs and orthotic leg braces to assist those living with a physical disability.

What Is Clubfoot?

One of the more common physical disabilities that MOi doctors diagnose and treat is clubfoot. Characterized by the inward or upward turn of the foot, this condition is present at birth and occurs in 1 out of every 1000 babies. Stretching, wrapping, and bracing can effectively correct clubfoot, without the need for surgery. Without proper treatment, however, babies born with clubfoot will not be able to walk normally.

MOi Provides Accessible Treatment for Clubfoot and Physical Impairment to Under-Resourced Regions Across the Globe

From our facilities in Haiti, Senegal, Sierrae Leone, and Vietnam, the MOi team works each day to restore and enhance mobility for individuals living with the challenges of physical impairment. We train local clinicians and surgeons in orthopedic surgery and physical therapy practices, specifically developed to improve physical independence for those with limited mobility. Medical supplies such as braces, and items to construct artificial limbs are also locally sourced, whenever possible, to provide beneficiaries with durable, comfortable mobility devices that can be repaired or replaced locally, without relying upon foreign imports. Building a sustainable medical infrastructure means that people living in some of the poorest places on earth, can look forward to a life of greater opportunities and reduced social exclusion given their increased access to affordable, mobility services.