A Woman of Strength & Beauty: Paralympian Nguyen Thi-Thu

MOi Board member and professional photographer Marie Plakos reports on a female athlete she met at the Hanoi Disabled Sport Association during the MOi in-country visit in November 2016.

By Marie Plakos – I have just returned from Vietnam traveling with the medical NGO, Mobility Outreach International. Their current mission in Vietnam is to treat patients with club foot/feet, many of which are children. In the past the organization was also involved in providing prosthetic devices for amputees.

One of the visits we made on this trip was to talk to amputees at the Hanoi Disabled Sport Association. Here I met a woman by the name of Nguyen Thi-Thuy who is an amputee from a motorcycle accident. She has been participating in the local Para Olympics track sports as a runner, and shared with us that she has won a gold metal in that event.

I noticed how physically fit she is, and could see how dedicated she is to keeping up with her sport, not letting her partial loss of a leg deter her determination to run.

She said she feels blessed to have a prosthetic device which allows her to participate fully in her sport. She is also thankful to have the support of the Hanoi Disabled Sport Association allowing her to workout to maintain her strength and to have friends who provide her with support.
She is one of the heroic women I met in Vietnam – a woman of strength and beauty.