If you’re suffering from leg, back, foot or hip pain, there may be a simple solution that will help you improve your quality of life and reduce overall symptoms and pain. Living with an uneven gait, shuffling or pain can negatively impact your life in a variety of ways, but you can work with your doctor to determine if orthotics are a potential solution to help your feet.

What Are Orthotics?

Custom foot orthotics are shoe or heel inserts that can help reduce or alleviate common orthopedic conditions. Your feet should naturally meet the ground in a way that promotes a healthy gait. Orthotics can help by shifting your weight and the impact of your foot back to a more balanced formation.

What Conditions Are Treated by Orthotics?

While orthotics cannot treat all foot-related conditions, they are an excellent way to help with these impact-based conditions:

  • Matatarsalgia, where the tissue around the toes thickens and becomes uncomfortable
  • Plantar Fasciitis, a condition in which tears occur in the large ligament on the sole of the foot
  • Certain foot deformities and structural imbalances
  • Lower back pain and chronic knee or foot pain due to unnatural stress on the joints
  • Improve circulation for diabetic patients
  • Reduce the pain from corns, calluses and bunions
  • Ease shin splits and symptoms of some arthritis

In America, we are fortunate to have access to high-quality orthotics and treatment options that may not be available to people in developing countries. At Mobility Outreach International, our teams work with doctors and therapists to design sustainable solutions for mobility that help improve the quality of life and options for those in need. Donate today to help others take sustainable steps towards healing. Your sponsorship provides orthotic services, advocacy and surgical outreach to children and adults around the world.

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