Madame Tenning FayeMadame Tenning Faye, a 40 year resident of the small town of Kaffrine in Senegal, had been an amputee since her car accident injury in 2012. She is the mother of 6 children and the loss of her mobility has reduced her small business income significantly, the family lives at the poverty level. She and her family could not afford to pay for a prosthesis.

Selected as a Volunteer Patient

On December 2018 her life was about to change when she was selected as a volunteer patient for a transtibial prosthetic training at Thies Hospital, Orthopedic Regional Orthopedic Service. The 5 days of training was sponsored by MOi and DAHW, our Senegal NGO partner.

During the training, international standard methods were demonstrated to six technicians and fabrication of the prosthesis took place in the fully equipped workshop. The prosthesis was molded using polypropylene plastic and fitted with foot components now available from a local Senegalese importer.

Happy to be Able Walk Again

Following the fitting of the custom shaped prosthesis, Madame Faye was able to spend a few sessions with the hospital physical therapist learning to walk using the prosthesis. Now, she is happy to be able walk again and is aware of the local rehabilitation center that can adjust or repair her prosthesis in the future.

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