Clubfoot Clinics Thrive in Vietnam

MOi’s sustainable model yields another success in Vietnam: MOi-sponsored clubfoot clinics.

In November 2016, a Seattle-based MOi team visited the clubfoot clinic in Sơn La, one of thirty-two MOi-sponsored clubfoot clinics in Vietnam. Here, Dr. Hu of Sơn La Hospital applies a corrective plaster cast to an infant with clubfoot. The non-surgical Ponseti method corrects congenital clubfoot through a series of gentle, progressive realignments and castings completed over several weeks, followed by the fitting of a clubfoot brace. It is common practice worldwide to complete the casting while the infant is being fed.

Since 1989, MOi has served adults and children in under-resourced areas of the world who are immobilized by limb loss and childhood foot deformity. MOi shares its expertise through programs that offer and support advocacy, training, non-surgical infant clubfoot treatment, orthopedic surgical outreach to adults and children, local component manufacturing, and rehabilitation services.  The goals are achievable:  MOBILITY, INDEPENDENCE, and SUSTAINABILITY.