The Best Ways to Help a Senior Veteran and Their Loved Ones

Veterans are special individuals, and as such, they should be treated with care and respect. However, many senior service members find it difficult to get the medical care they need for both their physical and mental health because navigating the systems is confusing. Medicare and veterans services are mutually exclusive, and they offer different types of care and come with separate sets of rules. It can often feel incredibly overwhelming to figure out which way to go or how to get started with a new doctor.

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Join Our Monthly Giving Program

Mobility Outreach International is committed to doing whatever it takes to help people walk – and we need your help to make this happen. Join us and become a monthly donor. When you give monthly, you are enrolled in our Step Up Partners program. This means that you are giving the gift of mobility to children and their families and are helping them achieve greater independence and the chance for a more normal life.

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Mobility Outreach International Helps Communities Around the World

Communities that are devastated by natural disasters and ongoing poor nutrition also have a variety of issues with mobility and other health-related challenges. It can be difficult to gain access to necessary treatments for clubfoot, orthotics and prosthetics, training, rehabilitation services and even orthopedic surgery. Mobility is a basic human need that many Americans take [...]

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Mobility Outreach International: This Is Who We Are

In 1989, Mobility Outreach International was founded with the purpose of restoring and enhancing mobility for children and adults in under-resourced areas of the world. Along with a group of outstanding partners, we have served individuals in Bangladesh, Vietnam, Haiti, Sierre Leone and Senegal. We provide individuals with medical treatment and ongoing care. We also [...]

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