Start Date: 1989

Target Population: 1,855 babies annually born with clubfoot and 2,000 people are by landmines that were placed during the Vietnam War

2015 Budget: $162,650 clubfoot; $43,250 orthopedic surgery

Goals: complete coverage of country, use cell phone technology for outreach

Cities we serve: nationwide

# Trained: 67

# Clinics: 34

# Served: 1,407 clubfoot

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Orthopedic Surgery

Despite decades of war, this exotic country has one of the fastest growing economies in Asia. The effects of the war are still visible, however. Each year, 2,000 people are injured by landmines that were placed during the Vietnam War. Currently, there are an estimated 350,000 active landmines in Vietnam. Mobility Outreach International proudly supports dedicated volunteer surgeons to perform difficult orthopedic surgeries in rural parts of Vietnam. Working side-by-side with their local counterparts, the group performs surgeries on children and adults with limb deformities.


Mobility Outreach International launched its clubfoot program in 2006 when our volunteer surgeons saw an extraordinary number of children and young adults immobilized by neglected clubfoot. Along with providing prosthetic limbs, the doctors knew that they could transform the lives of these children by establishing a clubfoot program. Mobility Outreach International’s clubfoot program utilizes and trains local practitioners in the Ponseti Method, a non-surgical treatment that corrects congenital clubfoot through foot manipulation and bracing.  Today, we serve an estimated 1,855 babies born with clubfoot each year throughout Vietnam.