Start Date: 2005

Target Population: 4,000 victims of forced amputations, an estimated 222 children born annually with clubfoot

2015 Budget: $217,374

Goals: repair stations, bring locally manufactured foot to market, end neglected clubfoot, use cell phone technology for outreach

Regions we serve: Bomboli

# Trained: 51 health workers, 11 counselors, 10 P&O

# Clinics: 6 clubfoot, 1 P&O

# Served: 1,605

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Prosthetics and Orthotics

A third of Sierra Leone’s population was displaced as a result of civil war (1991-2002) and 4,000 people were victims of forced amputations – an atrocity committed by rebels, whose trademark was to cut off the hands or feet of their victims. This country slowly recovered from this brutal civil war, only to be overcome once again by Ebola. Despite these setbacks, Mobility Outreach International continues its commitment to helping Sierra Leoneans regain their mobility. Our prosthetics and orthotics workshop sponsored by Linda Barker Hayes, has served amputees in six regions of Sierra Leone.

Sierra Leone’s is ranked 177 out of 187 on the UNDP Human Development Index (HDI). Over 60% of Sierra Leoneans live below the poverty line.


An estimated 222 children are born annually with clubfoot. Mobility Outreach International’s clubfoot program trains practitioners in the Ponseti method, a non-invasive treatment that corrects congenital clubfoot through foot manipulation and bracing. Our clubfoot program uses in-country expertise to ensure that (1) children with clubfoot have access to treatment (2) the services can be sustained by the country for the long term and (3) ensure appropriate quality, locally manufactured products and rehabilitation services.