Local Rehabilitation in Rural Bangladesh

Mobility Outreach International (MOi) has been working in Bangladesh since 2000. Partnering with the Nalta Hospital in rural southwestern Bangladesh, MOi established a Physical Rehabilitation Center, which opened in the fall of 2002. The center provides both prosthetic and orthotic care to amputees and others with limb deformities.

Living and working in Bangladesh is fraught with danger. Overloaded trucks, buses, and passenger cars share narrow roads with ox-drawn wagons, push carts, and pedestrians. Collisions are frequent, and many limbs and lives are
lost. Farming and other work equipment tends to be old-fashioned and few safety rules are observed, resulting in frequent injuries and severed limbs. Infections of wounds are common, especially in remote areas. In the absence of antibiotic drugs, amputations are often the last line of defense to save a person’s life.

We have partnered with the Nalta Hospital to bring prosthetic and orthotic care to an estimated 15 million people in southwest Bangladesh, who have no access to these services.

Local prosthetists fabricate and fit custom-made, lightweight prostheses to amputees and provide orthopedic devices for those with limb deformities. Materials and components are partially made in Bangladesh and partially imported from Vietnam (see MOi’s Vietnam Component Manufacturing program). To achieve long-term stability, we help center staff identify local suppliers and encourage local component manufacturing.

Our partnership with Nalta Hospital was made possible by the Bagby Family Endowment Fund. Click here to learn more about Dr. Bagby and his inspiration to help the people of Bangladesh.