The Mobility Outreach International team is comprised of professionals with international experience in orthopedic surgery, physical therapy, public health, engineering, non-profit management, finance, marketing, communications, and business. A diverse group of individuals who share a passion for improving the lives of disabled individuals in under-resourced areas of the world , our Board of Directors, Surgical Outreach teams, Ambassadors, and Staff are committed to MOi’s core concepts – MOBILITY, INNOVATION, and SUSTAINABILITY.

Through our commitment to the empowerment of individuals with disabilities and the autonomy of their local communities, the MOi team seeks to provide thousands of adults and children in under-resourced areas of the world with the lifelong gift of mobility. With proper investment in community education, training, and strong government relations, the programs that sustain that gift will continue to thrive without MOi’s assistance.

Board of Directors

Robert Veith, MD

Karl W. Entenmann, CPO, LPO

Jose IgnacioCPO, LPO

March 2011 event 2 (002)

Valerie Bemo, MD, MPH


Maryse Bouchard, MD


Mark Dales, MD

Mary Gladhart

Mary Gladhart

Eddy Gosschalk, CPO


Bernice Kegel, PT


Mary Novotny

Marie Plakos, EdD


Heidi Peterson

Executive Director

Raymond Pye

Director of Program Quality and Emerging Programs

Jana Shih

Senior Program Officer


Sydney Taylor

Program Officer


Kiana Hammington

Operations and External Relations Coordinator

Sabrina Rousselot

Administrative Assistant

International Team

Dr. Huynh Manh Nhi

Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon

Rose Hong

Vietnam In-country Manager