How Orthotics Can Help Your Feet

If you're suffering from leg, back, foot or hip pain, there may be a simple solution that will help you improve your quality of life and reduce overall symptoms and pain. Living with an uneven gait, shuffling or pain can negatively impact your life in a variety of ways, but you can work with your doctor to determine if orthotics are a potential solution to help your feet.

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The Best Ways to Help a Senior Veteran and Their Loved Ones

Veterans are special individuals, and as such, they should be treated with care and respect. However, many senior service members find it difficult to get the medical care they need for both their physical and mental health because navigating the systems is confusing. Medicare and veterans services are mutually exclusive, and they offer different types of care and come with separate sets of rules. It can often feel incredibly overwhelming to figure out which way to go or how to get started with a new doctor.

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